D.I.Y Classic Bundle

D.I.Y Classic Bundle

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Please read the Self Evaluation below before proceeding.


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This Classic Bundle includes

  • Cashmere Flat Lashes 
  • Pro 1 Adhesive
  • Curve Tweezers
  • Tile


Accessory Pack

  • Removal Wands x 5
  • Microbrushes x 10
  • Mascara Wands x 5
  • Wax Paper x 3
  • Removal Eyepads x 3
  • Micropore Tape x 1
  • Debonder 3.5g x 1


    Eyelash Extension is a procedure that should only be performed by certified professionals, self application is not recommended.


    However we do understand that during lockdown you do not have access to a professional, and you may want to attempt applying your own lashes. So here we are, providing you with our D.I.Y Lash Kits, along with instructions to make your self application as safe as possible.


    After your order has been sent out, you will also receive an email with a dropbox link for tutorial videos and tips that we have put together to guide you to an easier and safer self application.


    Please ask yourself these questions before making a purchase


    1. Do you have patience? Applying your own lashes can often take 1 - 2 hours.
    2. Do you have steady hands? Because you will be using sharp tools around your eyes.
    3. Do you have good eyesight?
    4. Do you have sensitive eyes?
    5. Are you willing to watch our tutorials to ensure you are safely applying your own lashes?


    If you have sensitive eyes, then we WOULD NOT recommend you attempt this at all, because your eyes will have to be open during the application.


    If you have answered NO to any of the questions above, then please consider carefully as you may not be a right candidate for self application. 



    Lash Adhesive -

    Our CelebrityLash Pro1 Adhesive has zero to very minimal fumes, we have been working with this adhesive for over 8 years in our salon and this is what we include in our student kit for Beginner's lash training.


    Cashmere Flat Lashes -

    Cashmere Lashes is the newest trend on the market!

    Cashmere is a type of flat lashes that has a soft, split tip and are very light but very black.

    They are at least half the weight of traditional eyelash extensions, which means our 0.15mm lashes has the weight of a 0.07mm extension, and our 0.20mm lashes has the weight of a 0.10mm extension.

    Sizes -

    • This mixed tray comes in 8mm - 13mm
    • We have the option of 0.15mm standard diameter or 0.20mm thicker diameter. If you have quite fine natural lashes, please go for the 0.15mm diameter. 
    • We have the option of a C curl for a nice lift or D curl for a more dramatic effect.


    If you choose 'unsure' as your lash size, then we will be in touch to confirm sizes before sending out your order.


    Disclaimer - By making your purchase, this confirms that you have made an informed decision, and applying your own lashes will be at your own risk. MYLASHBOX will not responsible for any damage caused by applying your own lashes.